This policy gives due regard to the DfE document ‘Preventing and Tackling Bullying’ (July 2017). It takes full account of its legal obligations in conjunction with NYJO’s Safeguarding Policy. This policy is made available to parents, students, staff, tutors, volunteers & Trustees.

The aim of this policy is:

  • To assist in creating an ethos which provides a positive experience for all students and members of NYJO
  • To make it clear that all forms of bullying are unacceptable at NYJO
  • To enable everyone to feel safe while at NYJO and encourage students to report incidences of bullying
  • To deal effectively with bullying
  • To support and protect victims of bullying and ensure they are listened to
  • To encourage links between staff, tutors, volunteers, parents, students, and other appropriate members of NYJO enabling issues to be dealt with sympathetically and confidentially
  • To ensure consistency in practice within NYJO in dealing with perpetrators of bullying and apply effective assistance/sanctions where necessary
  • To ensure all responsible staff, volunteers & tutors are familiar with reporting and recording incidents procedures
  • To continue to implement rigorous and effective anti-bullying procedures to continue to diminish incidents of bullying



Bullying is the exertion of power of one person over another. It involves a wide range of behaviour and may include physical, verbal or psychological behaviour which may make another person feel embarrassed, offended, upset, devalued, degraded, afraid, frustrated, or angry.

Indirect Bullying:  may take the form of spreading nasty stories about someone, exclusion from social groups, being made the subject of malicious rumours, sending malicious emails or text messages. Misuse of camera phones, websites and internet chat rooms.

Bullying is often motivated by prejudice against certain groups eg. on grounds of race, religion, culture, sex, gender, homophobia, special educational needs and disability, or because a student is adopted or a care giver.

NYJO regards bullying or racial and sexual harassment as extremely serious and it deals with these issues firmly. NYJO aims to foster sensitive behaviour, so that bullying, i.e. deliberately causing distress, is eliminated. All students, staff, parents, volunteers & Trustees have a duty to report incidents of bullying or discrimination.  Mental bullying is taken as seriously as physical forms of bullying. All forms of cyber bullying will also be taken very seriously by NYJO, including the misuse, mobile phones, text messages, photographs, videos and emails. It will not be passed off as ‘banter’ or ‘part of growing up’.

Reporting Procedures

  • All staff, volunteers, tutors, should respond positively by challenging all incidents of bullying
  • In serious cases parents/care givers will be asked to attend a meeting to discuss the problem.
  • Incidents will normally be investigated by tutors in the first instance. If for any reason a parent or student is unhappy about the way in which the bullying complaint has been responded to, they should contact the designated Safeguarding Lead for students, who will ask a senior member of staff to investigate
  • All involved will be asked to provide a written statement
  • All incidents of bullying should be logged and forwarded to the relevant Safeguarding Lead for students which will be kept on file in accordance with Data Protection Legislation and /or for as long as deemed necessary.
  • If appropriate; external agencies e.g. A Local Authority Behaviour Support Team will be involved to support the person being bullied or to carry out corrective counselling to the person who is carrying out the bullying
  • If concerns about e-safety arise which involve Child Protection issues they should be reported to the designated Safeguarding Lead immediately.
  • Other e-safety issues should be reported to responsible staff and/or tutor to manage the issues.


Bullying, is a serious breach of NYJO’s code of behaviour in affiliation with its Academy terms and conditions. Sanctions may include, but not limited to; monitoring, evaluation and review, official written warning, suspension, exclusion.

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This policy will be reviewed every three years to assess effectiveness and/or earlier in accordance with impending legislation.

The NYJO Board Safeguarding Lead is: Linda Laszewski Hill (trustee)

Please report any concerns via NYJO’s staff safeguarding lead Claire Furlong: 020 7494 1733


Sept. 2018