With An Open Mind


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A 1. Cheese ‘n’ Carrots
A 2. Revenge of The Amoebae
C 3. With An Open Mind
E 4. Remembrance (For Jim)
C 5. Aardvark
D 6. Syrup of Phiggs
B 7. Fly To Me
A 8. Midnight Oil
D 9. Going Dutch
F10. Bruised Blues

Saxophones: Nigel Hitchcock; Andy Schofield; Clive Hitchcock; David O’Higgins; Steve Cadd; Simon Currie; Julie Davis.
Trumpets: Noel Langley, Andy Mitchell, Paul Higgs, John Hinch, Richard Sidwell, Steve Titchener.
Trombones: Mark Nightingale, Colin Hill, Mark da Silva, Phil Nell, Dave Stewart.
French Horn: Liz Price
Piano /DX7: John R. W. G. Smith
Guitar: Paul Stacey
String Bass/Bass Guitar: Don Richardson
Vocal: Lorraine Craig
Drums: Mike Smith
Percussion: Mike Bradley, Ian Thomas.

B As A but add Lorraine Craig (Vocal), Phil Mulford (Bass Guitar) replaces Richardson; omit Clive Hitchcock.

C As A Omit Schofield- Cadd plays Alto; Graham Russell, Steve Waterman, Mike O’Gorman, Andy Gibson replace Hinch, Sidwell, Titchener, Fayyaz Virji, Adrian Lane replace da Silva, Nell, Chris Watson (Gtr) replaces Stacey. Boathouse 29/6/85.

D As C but Steve Sidwell, Guy Barker replace Waterman, Clifford Tracey replaces Cadd. Boathouse 22/6/85

E as A but Russell Cook, Alan Berlyn replace Hinch, Titchener; Andy Hutchinson, Adrian Lane, Nigel Barr replace da Silva, Nell, Stewart; Alan Ladds for Schofield, no Cadd, add Andy Panayi (Flute) Dave Hage (Bass Gtr) for Richardson, Boathouse 13/2/86. Directed by Bill Ashton, David O’Higgins, Boathouse Studios, St. John’s Wood, London. Recording Engineer: Mark Campbell. Mixed at Sound Suite, Camden Town, London, by Steve Taylor or Peter Rackham. Produced by Steve Taylor, Peter Rackham, Bill Ashton, Miles Ashton, Paul Higgs, David O’Higgins and members of NYJO.

F Tpts: Ian Wood, Mark White, Martin Shaw, Mark Cumberland, Gerard Presencer, Pat Fradgeley, Oliver Preece. Tmbns: Mark Nightingale, Andy Hutchinson, Dennis Rollins, Mark Bassey, Tibor Hartmann. F. Horn: Clare Lintott. Saxes: Pete Long, Adrian Revell, Scott Garland, Alison Brown, Michael Smith, Howard McGill. Flute/Alto Flute/Piccolo: Julia Davis. Piano Jim Osborne, Guitar: Malcolm Macfarlane, Bass Guitar Neil Williams, Drums: Chris Dagley, Percussion: Gareth Roberts, Chris Wells, Weston One Studio Acton 29/3/89. Mixed at Temple Music by Marion Giles.

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