Unison In All Things


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1. For Starters
2. In A Daze
3. You’d Think I’d Learn
4. Along Came Benny
5. Dearly Beloved
6. I Wasn’t Looking For Love
7. Unison in All Things
8. Eyes Down
9. Reprieve
10. Never The Twain
11. How Can you Believe in Love?
12. Atropus
13. Blues for Mike
14. For Starters

Saxophones: Howard McGill, Lisa Grahame, Stephen Main, Alyson Adams (or James Hart), Jon Halton.
Flute: Alison Neale
Trombones: Jim Vincent, Andy Wood (or Andy Baker), Ashley Horton (or Mile Feltham), Jeremy Price, Adrian Hallowell.
Trumpets: Andy Cuss, Patrick White, Duncan Mackay, (or Mike Thomas), Dominic Glover, Mick Ball (or Simon Finch).
Piano: Simon Carter
Guitar: Ross Milligan (or Simon Picton).
Bass: Andy Hamill
Drums: Chris Dagley
Vocals: Jenny Howe, Sheena Davies.

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