This Time Live at the Club


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1. Lift Off (B)
2. Waiting for Morgan ( C)
3. Half Steps ( C)
4. Yessica ( C)
5. Foldback (B)
6. Have You Seen Them Cakes? (A)
7. Almost There (B)
8. Looking Forward (B)
9. I Have Been Here Before (B)
10. Beyond The Hatfield Tunnel (A)
11. Aardvark (A)

(A) Trumpets: Andy Cuss, Jim Lynch, Brad Mason, Olly Preece, Neil Yates.
Trombones: Malcolm Smith, Jeremy Price, Elliot Mason, Mark Penny, Adrian Hallowell.
Saxophones: Howard McGill, Lisa Grahame, Jim Tomlinson, James Hunt, Mick Foster.
Piano: Simon Carter
Guitar: Andy Jones
Bass: Mark Ong
Vocals: Jenny Howe
Drums: Chris Dagley
Percussion: James Mack.

(B) As (A) except.
Trumpets: Mick Ball, Mike Thomas, Pat White replace Jim Lynch, Olly Preece, Neil Yates.
Trombones: Ashley Horton, Andy Rogers replace Mark Penny, Malcolm Smith.
Reeds: Ben Castle, Jon Halton replace Jim Tomlinson, Mick Foster.
Guitar: Phil Robson replaces Andy Jones.
Bass: Neil Williams replaces Mark Ong.
Vocals: Jenny Howe.

(C) As (B) above, except.
Trumpets: Dominic Glover replaces Brad Mason, Duncan Mackay, Simon Finch replace Thomas and Ball during second week.
Trombones: Andy Wood (2nd weeks) or Andy Baker (1st week) replace Elliot Mason.
Mile Feltham replaces Ashley Horton for 1st week. Jim Vincent replaces Andy Rogers.
Reeds: Stephen Main replaces Ben Castle. Alyson Adams shares the fortnight with James Hunt.
Flute: Allison Neale
Guitar: Ross Milligan (1st week) or Simon Picton (2nd week) replace Phil Robson.
Omit: Percussion: James Mack.
Bass: Andy Hamill replaces Neil Williams.
Produced by Bill and Miles Ashton.

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