These Are The Jokes


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1. Still Doing The Trick With the Horse, Madam?
2. First Time I’ve Seen Dead People Smoke (Smokey Eyes)
3. Keep Looking Young – Hang Around With Old People
4. The Chef’s Rash Has Cleared Up Nicely
5. Much Too Much
6. No Hair – Just a Red Head
7. Are We Keeping You Up Sir?
8. Roxy Beaujolais
9. The Audient Was On Its Foot
10.Watching The Traffic Lights Change
11. Don’t Go To Her

Issued under licence from Bill Ashton.
Trumpets: Ian Wood, Mark Cumberland, Martin Shaw, Fred Maxwell, Ollie Preece.
Trombones: Brian Archer, Pat Hartley, Malcolm Smith, Steve Sanders, Colin Philpott.
French Horn: Clare Lintott
Saxophones: Michael Smith, Howard McGill, Adrian Revell, Pete Long, Nigel Crane.
Flute: Lisa Grahame
Piano: Steve Hill
Guitar: Phil Hudson
Bass Guitar: Mark Ong
Drums: Chris Dagley
Vocals: Jacqui Hicks (also flute).
Directed by Bill Ashton, Mark Bassey, Geoff Castle and Adrian Bullers.

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