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1. Remembrance (for Jim) (A)
2. Remembrance (for Chris and Eamon) (A)
3. Remembrance (for Kenny and Charlie) (A)
4. Remembrance (for Valery) (A)
5. I’ll Never Forget (C)
6. Half-Steps (C)
7. Snakes and Ladders (D)
8. Long, Hot Summer (D)
9. Rodeo (B)
10. Yessica (C)
11.Take The C & A Trane (C)
12. Almost There (C)
13. Give Up (C)

(A) Reeds: Richard Symons, Nigel Hitchcock, Alan Ladds, Clive Hitchcock, Dave O’Higgins, Simon Currie, Julie Davis.
Trumpets: Russell Cook, Alan Berlyn, Noel Langley, Paul Cooper, Paul Higgs, Richard Sidwell.
Trombones: Mark Nightingale, Andy Hutchinson, Adrian Lane, Colin Hill, Nigel Barr.
French Horn: Liz Price
Guitars: Paul Stacey, Phil Hudson.
Bass-Guitar: Dave Hage
Drums: Mike Bradley,
Percussion: Ian Thomas
Piano: Dave Arch
Directed by Paul Hart.

(B) Trumpets: Ian Wood, Lance Kelly, Mark White, Peter Cooper, Paul Cooper, Martin Shaw.
Trombones: Mark Nightingale, Dennis Rollins, Mark Bassey, Andy Hutchinson, Alastair Sinclair.
French Horn: Jonathon Jaggard
Saxes: Clifford Tracy, Adrian Revell, Allan Ladds, Scott Garland, Alison Brown.
Flute: Julie Davis
Piano: Peter Murray
Bass Guitar: Phil Mulford
Guitar: Mike Eaves
Drums: Chris Dagley
Percussion: Keith Fairbairn, Bill Pamplin.
The Orchestra Directed by Paul Hart.

(C) Trumpets: Ian Wood, Mark White, Martin Shaw, Mark Cumberland, Gerard Presencer, Pat Fradgley, Oliver Preece.
Trombones: Mark Nightingale, Andy Hutchinson, Dennis Rollins, Mark Bassey, Tibor Hartmann.
French Horn: Clare Lintott
Saxes: Pete Long, Adrian Revell, Scott Garland, Alison Brown, Michael Smith, Howard McGill, Julie Williams.
Drums: Chris Dagley
Percussion: Gareth Roberts, Chris Wells.
Vocals: Sarah Ann Gilbertson (also voice).
NYJO directed by Bill Ashton, Paul Higgs, Mark Nightingale, Oliver Ledbury, Mark Bassey.

(D) Trumpets: Ian Wood, Mark Cumberland, Olly Preece, Gerard Presencer, Fred Maxwell, Neil Yates, Paul Cooper, Martin Shaw, Mark White.
Trombones: Dennis Rollins, Pat Hartley, Winston Rollins, Tracy Holloway, Richard Henry, Mark Nightingale, Brian Archer.
Saxophones: Michael Smith, Howard McGill, Scott Garland, Adrian Revell, Pete Long, Melanie Bush, Nigel Crane.
French Horn: Clare Lintott
Flute: Julie Davis
Piano: Steve Hill, Clive Dunstall
Guitar: James Longworth
Bass: Mark Ong
Drums: Chris Dagley
Percussion: Steve Smith and John Robinson.
The Orchestra was directed by: Oliver Ledbury and Bill Ashton.

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