In Control


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1. High Speed Gas
2. Willow, Green Willow
3. El Sid
4. Groovin’ With Gas
5. You Were Marvellous, Darling
6. Miles Away
7. In Control
8. 50,000 Flies Cant Be Wrong
9. Villamoura
10. Off-Shore Peers
11. Gas Mark 2
12. Don’t Drink On An Empty Head

CD issued under licence from Bill Ashton by Ronnie Scott’s Jazz House in 1995.
Trumpets: Andy Cuss, Jim Lynch, Brad Mason, Olly Preece, Neil Yates.
Trombones: Malcolm Smith, Jeremy Price, Elliot Mason, Mark Penny, Adrian Hallowell.
Saxophones: Howard McGill, Lisa Grahame, Jim Tomlinson, James Hunt, Mick Foster.
Flute: Howard McGill, Lisa Grahame.
Clarinet: Howard McGill, Jim Tomlinson, Mick Foster.
Piano: Simon Carter
Guitar: Andy Jones
Bass: Mark Ong
Drums: Chris Dagley
Percussion: James Mack
Vocals: Jenny Howe
Orchestra directed by: Bill Ashton, Dave Peers, Mick Sheppard.

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