47 Frith St


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1. Sweet London Bridge
2. The Whole Thing
3. El Rey Pedro
4. Roxy Beaujolais
5. Not Really
6. In the Hour Before Dawn
7. The Kosher Horses
8. Late Night Blues
9. London
10. New In London
11. Headache
12. 47 Frith Street
13. Will Ye No Come Back Again

Saxophones: Paul Jones, Sammy Mayne, Alyson Adams, Jamie Anderson, Stephen Main.
Flute: Gareth Lockrane
Trombones: Ashley Horton, Andy Wood, Jim Vincent, Andy Baker, Pete North.
Trumpets: Darren Wiles, Paul Newton, Bryan Davis, Simon Finch, Mark Armstrong.
Piano: James Watson
Guitar: Pete Callard
Bass: Dave Foster
Drums: Darren Altman (Steve Parry on Late Night Blues).
Percussion: Corrina Silvester
Vocals: Sheena Davies (Nick Gallant on London).
Musical Director: Bill Ashton
Recorded live at Ronnie Scott’s Club, Frith Street, London, W1.


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