The National Youth Jazz Orchestra (NYJO) and Worshipful Company of Musicians are very proud to present the Will Michael Jazz Education Award. This award recognises excellent provision within jazz & improvised music and innovative approaches to engaging young musicians.

All Music services from across the UK are invited to apply for the award by completing the form below. The judging panel will be looking for detail on innovative new programmes as well as continued excellence and are interested in hearing about schemes aimed at children from 0-18.  The panel is formed of eminent jazz educators from across the UK, including Richard Michael, brother of the late Will Michael for whom this award is named.

By celebrating best practice we hope this encourages colleagues and partners to learn from each other and share their exemplary process. This award also raises the profile of the excellent work that is carried out across the country helping to secure the future of high quality jazz education for all students.


For more info regarding the award or your application, please contact


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