Arts Award is a unique qualification that supports young people to learn, develop and share creative and leadership skills. Open to anyone aged 7-25, it is an inspiring arts journey offering young people the opportunity to connect with and take part in the wider arts world through taking challenges.

NYJO is proud to be an Arts Award supporter and many of our Learning programmes can be used to support Arts Award delivery from Discover to Gold. A non-exhaustive list of methods are:

Listen to a NYJO concert near you. At most venues we are able to negotiate discounted tickets for school/community groups to attend.  A full list of upcoming NYJO gigs can be found here.  We can also provide evaluation templates to facilitate your group reflecting on the experience.

Take part in a NYJO Workshop. These can take many forms from a composition session with KS2 students to a side-by-side session with the full big band.  Have a look at our Partnership Projects or get in touch to discuss.

Research Jazz musicians and careers. NYJO has over 1000 alumni who have gone on to varied and illustrious careers in music including; Amy Winehouse, Guy Barker and Martin Koch. For the investigative parts of the Arts Award we are happy to help students with their research and can provide resources.

Develop leadership skills. Gold award encourages participants to take responsibility for developing their arts practice, and gaining wider awareness of the sector. For a student interested in jazz, NYJO is uniquely placed to support them in most aspects of the award and their personal development.


If you’re interested in finding out more about Arts Award, please get in touch with Claire Furlong on or 020 7494 1733.


Arts Award