Winston Rollins Big Band @ The Manor – 3rd February 2013

Winston Rollins Big Band @ The Manor – 3rd February 2013In The Band: Winston Rollins (trombone, left) leading Rob Taggart (keyboard); Mike Bradley (drums); Fraser Snell (bass); Enrico Tomasso, George Hogg, Jon Scott, Tom Walsh, Martin Shaw (trumpets); Alistair White, Callum Au (tenor trombones), Richard Henry (bass trombone);  saxophones: Steve Main & Adrian Revell (tenors), Sammy Mayne & Lucas Dodd (altos), Derek Nash (baritone).

Set 1: Be Bop Charlie (Bob Florence) [soli: sax section; solos: Adrian, Callum; coda: Mike] : Ecaroh (Rob McConnell) [solos: Enrico, Steve] : In The Still Of The Night (Cole Porter, arr. Martin Williams) [feature for Mike (brushes)] : Have You Met Miss Jones? (Richard Rodgers, arr. Tom Kubis) [feature for Martin (flgl)] : Industrial Strength Stomp (Bob Florence) [intro: Fraser & Mike; solos: Adrian, George, Mike] : Quietude (Thad Jones) [feature for Rob; solo & coda: George] : De Quincy (Colin Skinner) [feature for Lucas] : Lazy Bird (John Coltrane, arr. Bill Stapleton) [solos: Steve, Martin (flgl); soli: sax section] : Collages (Don Menza) [solos: Steve, Alistair, Mike].

Set 2: Nobody’s Human (Bob Florence) [solos: Sammy, Derek, Mike] : Soarin’ (Bob Florence) [solos: Enrico (flgl), Rob a capella then Winston] : Autumn (Bob Florence) [intro: tpt & tmb sections a capella; feature for Sammy] : Theme from The Flintstones (Hoyt S Curtin) [solos: Tommy, Lucas, Derek, Rob, Mike] : Lonely Carousel (Bob Florence) [intro: Rob; feature for Martin (flgl)] : Shiny Stockings (Frank Foster) [intro: Rob; theme: tpt section (muted); solos: Enrico, Rob; coda: Mike] : Willow Crest (Bob Florence) [intro: Rob; soli: sax section; solos: Callum, Sammy, Mike].

Jottings: For the third time in just 11 months Winston returned with a band of his ‘very good friends’ to enliven a frigid February Sunday at The Manor with another superb session of late period big band numbers…

Winston Rollins Big Band @ The Manor – 3rd February 2013Winston’s favourite composer/arranger – Bob Florence – was well-represented, as usual: from the band’s rousing signature tune – Be Bop Charlie, featuring super solos by Adrian and Callum – through the curiously titled Nobody’s Human, on which Sammy and Derek had some fun; by way of Martin’s (left) fine flugel feature on Lonely Carousel; to the ‘full-on’ closer Willowcrest, which gave the sax section a decent workout.

But other arrangers also got a look in – highlights included: Steve’s and Alistair’s delightful solos on Don Menza’s Winston Rollins Big Band @ The Manor – 3rd February 2013Collages; Rob’s accomplished keyboard playing on Thad Jones’s lovely Quietude; Mike demonstrating deft use of his brushes on Martin Williams’s In The Still…; Lucas exhibiting his considerable alto prowess on Colin Skinner’s De Quincy; and Enrico, sounding off on Rob McConnell’s Ecaroh.

Other memorable moments included: a storming version of The Flintstones’ theme, a delightful surprise, incorporating a string of super solos; Martin’s other flugel feature, Have You Met…?; Enrico’s and Rob’s special handling of Shiny Stockings; and Steve’s (left) tenor tonic on Coltrane’s Lazy Bird. And a special mention too for Fraser and Mike, who kept the whole show rhythmically together all afternoon. Super stuff!

Review: Steve Harris/Ian Fielding : Photos: Chris Glass/Kevin Wedrychowski