NYJO2 @ The Manor – 15th July 2012

NYJO2 @ The Manor – 15th July 2012In The Band: Paul Eshelby (flgl right) directing Louis Centioni (piano): Yannick Maynard (bass); Charlie Heyward-Smith (guitar); James Dancer/Robin Johnson/Luke Bainbridge (drums); Brindley Heyward-Smith, Tom Gardner, Dave Hepworth, Georgia Hill, Alfie Smart (trumpets); Samuel Moriarty, Josh Tagg, Daniel Higham, Chewepe Tsate, Chris Ford (trombones); saxophones: Sean Payne, Sam Gould, Ciara Dineen, Sam Barratt, Tom Eckl, Asha Parkinson, Leanne Bashford, Ella Plumb, Devan Shah, Alex Monniakendam, Johnny Ford.

Set 1: The Heat Is On (Sammy Nestico) [solos: Sam B (tnr), Leanne (tnr), Robin (drs)] : Blues In Hoss’ Flat (Mark Taylor) [solos: Johnny (bari), Sam G (alt), Brindley (tpt), Daniel (tmb), Charlie (gtr)] : Soul Limbo (Quincy Jones) [solo: Asha (alt)] : Watching The Traffic Lights Change (Adrian Bullers) [solos: Tom E (tnr), Tom G (tpt), James (drs)] : Mr PC* (John Coltrane) [feature for Asha (alt); solos: Charlie (gtr), James (drs)] : Strasbourg St Denis* (Roy Hargrove) [feature for Asha (sop); intro: Yannick (bs); solo: Charlie (gtr)] : Fun Time (Sammy Nestico) [solo: Josh (tmb)] : Blue Rondo A La Turk (Dave Brubeck) [solos: Tom G (tpt), Sean (alt)] : Ooh Bop Sh-Bam (Dizzy Gillespie) [solos: Josh (tmb) & Tom G (tpt) then alternating, Tom E (tnr)].

Set 2: A Night In Tunisia (Dizzy Gillespie) [intro: Yannick (bs) & Daniel (tmb); solos: Tom G (tpt), Sam G (tnr), Josh (tmb); coda: Tom G (tpt)] : Stolen Moments (Oliver Nelson) [solos: Leanne (tnr) & Josh (tmb) & Paul (flgl) then all trading 4s, Charlie (gtr); coda: Brindley (tpt)] : Tangerine (Victor Schertzinger/Johnny Mercer, arr. Sammy Nestico) [solos: Tom E (tnr), Sam B (tnr), Tom G (tpt)] : Blue Bossa* (Kenny Doran) [feature for Asha (alt); solo: Charlie (gtr)] : All The Things You Are* (Jerome Kern) [feature for Asha (tnr)] : Ain’t It Wonderful (Tom Kubis) [solos: Paul (flgl) & Josh (tmb) then trading 8s & 4s] : Boplicity (Miles Davis) [solos: Johnny (bari), Brindley (tpt)] : Spain (Chick Corea) [solos: Tom E (tnr), Tom G (tpt), Sean (tnr), Sam B (alt)].

(* these numbers were performed by the Asha Parkinson Quartet)

Jottings: The day before this concert NYJO2 had been privileged to attend a jazz workshop by Winton Marsalis’s Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra at The Barbican, so the band were well-rehearsed for what proved to be an outstandingly good session.

The band’s nicely varied programme mixed canonical compositions by the likes of Sammy Nestico, Quincy Jones, Mark Taylor and Dizzy Gillespie with not-so-often-heard numbers by Adrian Bullers, Oliver Nelson, Tom Kubis, Dave Brubeck and Miles Davis.

Performances of note included Leanne’s superbly thought through tenor soloing on The Heat… and Stolen Moments; Johnny’s big baritone contributions to Blues… and Boplicity; Tom G’s bright trumpet interjections NYJO2 @ The Manor – 15th July 2012on Watching…, Blue Rondo… and Tangerine; and Josh’s trombone mastery on Fun Time, Ooh Bop…, Stolen Moments and Ain’t It…

The concert also featured a brace of numbers in each set by the Asha Parkinson Quartet, which Asha (left) led with insouciant confidence. It’s not often that we hear John Coltrane and Roy Hargrove (or Kenny Doran, for that matter!) numbers played at The Manor but this talented foursome were an eye-opener. Charlie’s guitar solos were models of their kind; Yannick, who hadn’t seen any of the music before, was rock-solid; and Asha demonstrated a mastery of her material – and instruments – that would be the envy of many older saxophonists.

Review : Steve Harris/Ian Fielding