NYJO Starts ‘Em Young!

NYJO Starts ‘Em Young!The recent World Première of the NYJO ‘Graduates’ Band at The Manor in Ruislip was a unique occasion, for a number of reasons.

For the first time, this special gig gathered together ex-NYJO players from across the generations – Sean Whittle (Tommy Whittle and Barbara Jay’s son) from the early ‘80s; Alyson Cawley (neé Adams) from the mid to late 90s; Simon Meredith, Martin Gladdish and Darren Altman from the turn of the century – to revisit some classic numbers from NYJO’s extensive library.

Also, it was the first time (as far as we know) that a married couple have played together in a NYJO band – Tom and Alyson Cawley contributing their keyboard and baritone prowess respectively to the venture.

But a highlight of the afternoon was seeing their young daughter Greta sitting in with the sax section for most of the second set – she took it very seriously too! Proof positive that you can never be too young to play with

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