NYJO London launch Jam Session at Ray's Jazz

NYJO London are to host a monthly jam session for aspiring young players, led by a professional rhythm section, at Ray’s Jazz record and book shop in Foyle’s Charing Cross Road.

The first session will take place on June 22nd from 12-3pm with subsequent monthly sessions running from 1-4pm.

Long before academic institutions and the cultural establishment saw fit to accept jazz, the jam session- an informal, yet often ruthlessly competitive event, was the place where musicians would test their mettle, try out ideas and meet like minds. It was the place where young ‘cats’ learned from their peers and elders, sometimes being put in their place, sometimes usurping their seniority.

The jam session is a place where the shared language of jazz enables connections to be made, musical fluency to be developed and friendships flourish. It is a part of the very fabric of jazz culture.

NYJO nurtures the next generation of young jazz musicians in the UK through weekly rehearsals, workshops and concert performances. In association with Ray’s Jazz, another institution steeped in the history of jazz in Britain, the new Ray’s Jazz/NYJO jam session offers an opportunity for up and coming young cats to mix with elder Lions as every month a pro rhythm section and guests host a jam for aspiring young jazzers who want to test their chops, meet other jazz scholars and have great fun playing the music they love

NYJO London launch Jam Session at Ray's Jazz

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