NYJO Xmas Playlist 2020!

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It's the NYJO Christmas playlist for 2020! (And there's absolutely no Mariah Carey in sight!)


Coro Infantil Santo Amaro de Oeiras – A Todos um Bom Natal

NYJO Xmas Playlist 2020!
Mariana Curado, Development & Comms Coordinator

“Growing up in Portugal, this is THE song that will let you know it’s that time of the year, you know… the most wonderful time of the year. Every year we go through the same process: it is magical at first “oh, how I adore this song!”, then it gets less and less magical as December progresses as it gets played to exhaustion everywhere you go, and then… suddenly… as you gather around the Christmas table (with about 30 people if you’re like me) it becomes magical once again!”

“Uncle Pedro sings it as he cooks the lamb, Mum sings it as she pours the mulled wine, cousin Maria sings it as she sets the table, the kids sing it as they try to figure out what they got under the Christmas tree, Granny used to sing it… And you remember why you love it, and you totally forget how much you hated it ten minutes ago. For me, “A Todos Um Bom Natal (To All a Merry Christmas)” is the ultimate Christmas song, it is sad and beautiful – it sounds like home.”


NYJO Xmas Playlist 2020!
Paul Lewis, Creative Producer

:Taken from their 2004 release ‘Christmas’, this track from Old Man Gloom is a nihilistic meditation on the ‘gift’ of life. It’s aesthetic is brutal and unpleasant. I imagine the oppressive loneliness of a gloomy old man at Christmas feels like this. To 2020 🥂”

Tom Waits – Christmas Card to a Hooker in Minneapolis

NYJO Xmas Playlist 2020!
Chris Moody, Head of Communications

“I appreciate this may seem like an ironic choice – a vapid attempt to rally against the festive cheer – but I implore you it is not. “Christmas Card… ” is the tragicomic centerpiece of Waits’s 1978 masterwork Blue Valentine. A whiskey-soaked ballad about an unnamed sex worker braving it through what should be a time for optimism with a host of problems, ailments and regrets.”

“This is a classic Waitsian tale from when he revelled in his questionable drunkard narrator as he slurred through tales of the American underbelly from his unsteady stool at the end of the bar. It is the empathy for the unwashed, the unshaven, the ignored and unloved by songwriters like Waits that will always have me returning to them year on year, and at Christmas time this track it is relevant as it gets.”

Thad Jones and Mel Lewis – A Child Is Born

NYJO Xmas Playlist 2020!
Cameron Reynolds, L&P Projects Manager

“It’s not easy to find a Christmas song done by a jazz star that is free from over-ripe commercial schmaltz. This tune is lovely with a dependably brilliant arrangement from the legends of ‘modern’ big band, Thad and Mel.  Every December I am saturated in the usual pop song assault by my young daughter. I don’t go out looking for extra Christmas songs, but if I had to – it would be this tune by Thad and Mel.”

Next up, we hear from a few NYJO educators…

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