NYJO Alumni 1965 – 2015

To celebrate 50 years of NYJO we have compiled a listing of all the 1186 individual musicians who have ever played in the band – from its inception to the present day.

The listing is split into each of the 5 decades of NYJO’s existence – 1965/75; 1976/85; 1986/95; 1996/2005; 2006/15 – and is as comprehensive as our records allow. We’d be interested to hear about anyone we’ve missed!

Over the years there have been 228 saxophonists, 47 flautists, 258 trumpet players, 249 trombonists, 43 French horn players, 5 tuba players, 69 pianists, 57 guitarists, 64 bass players, 51 drummers, 78 percussionists and 82 vocalists who have either played concerts, taken part in broadcasts or made records while members of the band. The section totals come to 1231; that’s because some musicians have played in more than one section.

Our listing is searchable by name, instrument and, for the last two decades, by year.  Click here to access it, select a decade that’s of interest (using the tabs on the bottom of the spread sheet), click on the‘Home’ tab in the toolbar at the top, click on the ‘Find and Select’ binoculars at the right-hand end of the toolbar, then type your search criterion into the box that opens.

You can also visit the Alumni pages of this website for more information about many past band members.