Henry Armburg-Jennings

Henry Armburg-JenningsHenry is a jazz trumpet and flugelhorn player based in London. He started playing trumpet (and piano) at the age of 5 and now he is already one of the hottest talents to emerge on the British jazz scene.

Since leaving NYJO and recording his debut album, Out of the Starting Blocks, at the tender age of 17, Henry has gone on to establish himself as one of the most sought-after trumpeters in the country. His ferocious technique, coupled with a true passion for jazz and a maturity beyond his years, has led many leading British jazz statesmen to hire him.

Since these early years, Henry is rarely seen with his own outfits but can be frequently heard playing with Clark Tracey’s bands. After much anticipation, in May 2014, Henry recorded his second album, Having A Jam, featuring a drum-less trio line-up. This type of format was significant in his musical upbringing and the latest album pays homage to those experiences.