David Dyson Interview

David Dyson has been NYJO’s drum chair holder for the past three years, providing the groove that drives the band. We asked him to reflect on his time in NYJO.


What was your musical background before you joined NYJO?

I was given a pair of drumsticks aged five, after watching a function band and tapping on pint glasses with cocktail sticks. This led to getting private lessons. I was obsessed, so when I broke my shoulder playing rugby, not being able to play made me commit to music even more. I went on to read music at Durham University and subsequently Trinity Laban on scholarship as a postgraduate. It was here that I was invited to audition for NYJO.

Was there anything which you don’t think you could have done without your NYJO experience?

Having to deliver a first-class performance even if you have never seen the music beforehand.

Best moment in NYJO?

Buckingham Palace with Gregory Porter

Funniest moment?

Every gig, when Max Mills (percussion) gets a bit too excited.


How has NYJO developed your relationship with jazz?

NYJO has introduced me to a huge catalogue of fantastic music that I probably wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. My love for music that swings, and you know when it does is greater than anything!

Do you think NYJO has helped you in your musical career?

Absolutely, I think musically I’ve had to keep on my toes and this has made me really get inside the compositions we play. Also, I’ve built a great friendship group and am sure to keep in touch with them all.

Where next?  What plans do you have for the next step on your career path?

I aim to keep playing a wide variety of music in all genres and continually further my craft as a drummer. I also have a passion for recording and music production and have a number of exciting projects simmering.

You can keep up to date with all of David’s latest projects through his website and on Twitter


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