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Jay Craig

Jay’s infatuation with the saxophone began at a young age, when he was taken to hear Duke Ellington’s Orchestra by his clarinet teacher. Later, following a four year stint in NYJO, Jay won a scholarship to Boston’s famous Berklee College of Music but after two years he left to join Buddy Rich’s Orchestra.

Matt Wates

Matt played alto-saxophone with, and composed music for, NYJO during the early 80s.

Jamie Talbot

Jamie recalls that joining NYJO in the early 80s, when he was 15, constituted something of a ‘wake-up call’…

Derek Nash

Derek, the son of Pat Nash – who was a respected arranger for the BBC Northern Dance Orchestra for over thirty-five years – joined NYJO in the early 80s

Stan Sulzmann

Stan took up the saxophone aged 13 and played in Bill Ashton’s London Youth Jazz Orchestra, which later evolved into NYJO.

Gail Thompson

Gail played with NYJO in the mid-70s and was a co-founder, with Courtney Pine, of the Jazz Warriors