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Maurice Cambridge

Maurice studied clarinet, saxophone and flute at London’s Royal College of Music in the late 60s/early70s while occupying a saxophone chair with NYJO.

Jenny Howe

Jenny joined NYJO as a vocalist in 1994 and featured on many of the band’s albums, including Cottoning On, In Control and A View From The Hill.

Dave Bishop

Dave took a saxophone chair at NYJO when he was 13, staying for 11 years during the late 70s/early 80s and featuring on several of the band’s early albums

Alan Wakeman

Alan joined the pre-cursor to NYJO – the London Youth Jazz Orchestra – after being heard playing in a club with his cousin Rick by one of LYJO’s co-founders, Pat Evans.

Les Cirkel

Les was one of the earliest occupants of NYJO’s drum chair in the late 1960s

Ed Barker

Ed, who played lead alto in NYJO from 2006/10, has written and published a book with legendary saxophonist and NYJO alumnus Nigel Hitchcock, called The Solos of Nigel Hitchcock. He has also had a No 1 hit in the US…

Lance Ellington

Lance’s first foray into music was as a trombone-playing member of NYJO, aged 14, which is where he also embarked on his vocal career.

Frank Ricotti

Frank has a special place in the NYJO pantheon, being the inspiration for Bill Ashton to embark on his London Schools (later Youth) Jazz Orchestra project – which eventually became NYJO…