Introducing the NYJO Jazz Messengers

12 days, 31 gigs, 5,000 young people.

The NYJO Jazz Messengers are off and away, spreading the gospel of jazz to young people up and down the country.

Created as the first step on a progression route for young people interested in learning an instrument and taking up jazz, our NYJO Jazz Messengers sextet will perform in 31 primary and secondary schools this autumn, showcasing the range and depth of the jazz genre. In this pilot project, the sextet are carrying the jazz message to 3,000 young people in the Isle of Wight, Bath & NE Somerset, Warrington, South Gloucestershire, and the London borough of Ealing.

We hope that the concerts will give children a kick-start in their musical journey and all our partner hubs will be working to make progression routes, and instruments, available to all interested children. Together we’ll be monitoring their development over the next few years, enabling us to further understand jazz progression routes across the country, and barriers to participation.

For our musicians, the NYJO Jazz Messengers project is an opportunity to develop as jazz educators and facilitators. Bandleader Chelsea Carmichael has curated the set list for each school, composing and arranging pieces of her own to be performed. Working together with the NYJO team, our Messengers have also created digital resource packs for each of the schools they will visit. These packs feature music exercises, playlists for further listening and ways in which young people can get involved in music in their area.

We will be introducing our Messengers to you in more detail over the coming weeks, but in the meantime, have a listen to our resource pack playlist featuring songs and artists that have influenced and inspired our NYJO Jazz Messengers’ music making.

Meet our collective of 9 musicians who make up the NYJO Jazz Messengers line-ups:

Introducing the NYJO Jazz Messengers

Top Row (l-r): Ben Appiah, Alex Liebeck, Alex Ridout
Middle Row: Harrison Cole, Chelsea Carmichael, Sheila Maurice-Grey
Bottom Row: Shirley Tetteh, James Beckwith, Joe Bristow

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