Daily Archives: 13/02/2015

Lorraine Craig

Lorraine started her singing career in the early 80’s as lead singer with NYJO, recording her feature album, Shades of Blue and Green, in 1987.

Steve Argüelles

Steve played in a rehearsal band with the Midland Youth Jazz Orchestra before moving to London and playing with NYJO

Carol Kenyon

Carol was taken on as the band’s first regular singer when she was just 14.

Rupert Widdows

Rupert joined NYJO on flute in 2000 and played with the band until 2009, featuring on the albums Jasmine and Jazz In Film.

Rob Barron

Rob occupied the piano chair in NYJO from 2003/10, since when he has gained a reputation as being one of the most creative and versatile pianists of his generation

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