Daily Archives: 09/02/2015

Matt Wates

Matt played alto-saxophone with, and composed music for, NYJO during the early 80s.

Phil Robson

Phil occupied the guitar chair with NYJO in the early 90s where, significantly, he met long time musical friend and future co-leader of his group the Partisans, Julian Siegel.

Bobby Worth

Bobby has the distinction of being NYJO’s first drummer, assuming the chair in 1965.

Jamie Talbot

Jamie recalls that joining NYJO in the early 80s, when he was 15, constituted something of a ‘wake-up call’…

Derek Nash

Derek, the son of Pat Nash – who was a respected arranger for the BBC Northern Dance Orchestra for over thirty-five years – joined NYJO in the early 80s

Sam Brown

The daughter of legendary rock guitarist Joe Brown, Sam’s early singing experience was as a vocalist with NYJO

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