Sunday, November 23, 2014

NYJO Nonet

The NYJO Nonet is made up of past and present members of The National Youth Jazz Orchestra under the age of 25. Led by tenor saxophonist Tom Stone, the NYJO Nonet is a showcase for some of the most talented young jazz musicians working in the UK, all of whom have progressed through the NYJO family.

With a focus on small-group improvisation, it plays compositions and arrangements by current and ex-members of NYJO.

The Nonet has established a reputation for performing with consummate skill, inspired soloists, and wonderful ‘cool-school’ arrangements.

Summer 2012 gigs included City of London Festival and Pizza Express Jazz Club. Autumn 2012 appearances included the Bull’s Head at Barnes with Dave O’Higgins as part of the London Jazz Festival.

The band holds a bi-monthly residency at the Bulls Head.

Aficionados affectionately refer to it as ‘the 6’. Music students undergo the initiation of going to hear their tutors burn there, and then trek home bleary eyed on the night bus. Rock stars like hanging their pictures on the wall. Diners love the chocolate pud and everyone digs the mural.

The 606 Club in Chelsea is a proper archetypal jazz club. You even have to ring a buzzer at the top of a flight of steps and enter through a wire gate before heading down to this basement joint. All very New Yoyk.
On September 18th, NYJO’s own Nonet led by tenor star Tom Stone will appear at the club on a night curated by 606 patron, former Olympian, NYJO vice president, member of the House of Lords, and jazz fan Seb Coe.
The 9 piece will play a set of cool school original arrangements of jazz classics, standards and tunes from legendary albums such as Miles Davis’s 1964 Concert.
NYJO Nonet at the 606

Tenor/MD: Tom Stone.

Baritone: Simon Marsh. Alto: Lucas Dodd.

Trombone Callum Au. Trumpet: Reuben Fowler

Drums: Scott Chapman. Bass: Conor Chaplin. Piano: Chris Eldred.Guitar: Rob Luft.

Vocals: Jess Radcliffe

For further information and to book the NYJO Nonet please contact the NYJO office on 020 7494 1733 or email