Monday, December 22, 2014

Gig Calendar

London – 28/12/14 – The Gunnersbury

Who? Bill Ashton's Graduates Big Band When Sunday,... 

Soho, London – 05/01/15 – Ronnie Scott’s

Who? NYJO in concert When Monday,... 

Soho, London – 06/01/15 – Ronnie Scott’s

Who? NYJO in concert When Tuesday,... 

Soho, London – 07/01/15 – Ronnie Scott’s

Who? NYJO live in concert When Wednesday,... 

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This TV programme sees the band performing exclusively for Sky Arts’ Christmas... 

NYJO & Gregory Porter at Buckingham Palace

Last week NYJO was invited to play at the ‘Jazz in the Palace’ event for the... 

Review of NYJO & BuJazzO

Fantastic review of NYJO & BuJazzO’s Leeds & London concerts just in.... 

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NYJO announces its new configuration: NYJO & the NYJO Academy

For many years NYJO as an organisation has had two prime activities: The main gigging band, often called NYJO 1 during rehearsals, which performs around 30–40 professional gigs every year, and is the main justification for our Arts Council funding. A regular Saturday rehearsal/workshop environment, in which there are usually three simultaneous educational workshops in [...]

We are recruiting a new Academy Big Band Director

Farewells and Job Advert Sadly, Paul Eshelby has decided to retire from his role as Music Director for NYJO Academy Big Band (or NYJO2, as it was known back in the day). Paul has worked with NYJO for 27 years, originally alongside Bill Ashton, and has benefited the development and careers of many young people [...]

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